Dancewave provides all NYC youth access to a supportive dance experience that embraces and encourages individuality and equips students with the life skills to unlock their full potential as people and community members.


Our humble beginnings commenced with the first Kids Cafe Festival produced by Diane Jacobowitz in 1995. The idea was simple: treat young dancers as professionals in the making and they will rise to the occasion. As interest grew in this festival the Kids Company was formed. This ensemble combined aspiring young dancers from across New York with some of the city's top choreographers.

This special mixture of artistry and youth continued to captivate minds until, in 2009, Dancewave Center was opened in Brooklyn and the Kids Company was renamed to Dancewave Company I. Since then, we have continued to grow. Dancewave now serves over 5000 people per year through our school, pre-professional dance companies, arts in education outreach programs, and special produced events.

We are constantly developing new programs and strategies for learning, performing, and connecting the exciting elements of dance in our community.

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