An Interview with Michelle Rivera
February 05, 2018


Meet Michelle! Dancewave's Director of Education

Michelle Rivera is a lifelong and classically trained dancer who holds a B.A. from NYU, and M.F.A. from CUNY. In her youth she studied under Tina Ramirez at Ballet Hispanico, performing at many of the company's venues and events. In the past decade she successfully owned and operated a private studio in her native borough of Queens, where she managed an award winning competitive team, and whose students performed at many local events including Dance Parade NYC and World of Dance. She is thrilled to become part of the Dancewave family.

Dancewave: Why do you love being involved in Dance education?

Michelle: Dance is powerful. It unites people, builds confidence, it's joyful. It's always great to witness students evolve as dancers and as human beings.

Dancewave: What excites you most about joining Dancewave?

Michelle: There are so many things that excite me about joining the team. Being part of a creative environment, the ability to affect a community at large, working with a group of very smart and supportive women, dancing, all of these things make being a part of Dancewave so special!

Dancewave: What three words would you use to describe Dancewave?

Michelle: Fast-paced, creative, nuturing.

Dancewave: What's your first memory taking dance classes as a child?

Michelle: My first memory was that it was a surprise. I was five, and months prior to that day I would watch dancers on PBS, then twirl and leap around the house. One day my mom said that we were going for a drive, and she took me to my local studio and enrolled me in classes on the spot.

Dancewave: What is your favorite dance style?

Michelle: I love modern and ballet because that's my training, but I also love taking classes that out of the norm for me. I've tried them all, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Afro Brazilian, these are some of the more fun and upbeat classes I like to indulge in on occasion.

Dancewave: Have you taken any Dancewave adult classes yet?

Michelle: So far I've only taken Rolanda's Hip Hop class, and that was a lot of fun. I've heard great things about Marion's Modern class, so that will be the next class I take.

Dancewave: Now, for the important stuff. What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Michelle: Sleep, read a good book, or brunch with friends.

Dancewave: What's your favorite color?

Michelle: Red!

Dancewave: Favorite food?

Michelle: Anything spicy!

Dancewave: The last concert you went to?

Michelle: My favorite Queens rapper, Heems at Elsewhere Bk.

Dancewave: What is your fondest travel memory?

Michelle: Out of all the places I've ever been to, Italy by far has been my favorite. The people there are beautiful inside and out, the weather is perfect, the food is great, and has a very laid back vibe. It's my dream to retire there.

Dancewave: Anything interesting that you'd like to share with the Dancewave community?

Michelle: I am working on a novel in my spare time!

Dancewave: Amazing! You'll have to let us know when to find it in bookstores!

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