Dancewave's Youth Leadership Council


Dancewave's Youth Leadership Council (YLC), supported by the program initiated by the NYC Mayor's Office, meets monthly to brainstorm, practice leadership skills, build community, and, ultimately, effect change in our world. YLC is led by Laura Mercer, Dancewave's YLC Facilitator.

The YLC has 18 youth participating, from age 9-18. They have identified their main focus points as:

  • Bringing all communities together through dance
  • Increase communication and understanding between young people and older adults by encouraging conversation
  • Hear from the community about gentrification in Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn and make their opinions feel valued

In preparation for a "YLC Takeover" in June, where they will be leading events throughout the community, the YLC is working in three groups, beginning with "Shark Tank"-style pitches about their event ideas - everything from dance parties and performances to interviewing community members to create a film.

YLC members have also participated grant writing workshops and the launch of Generation NYC at BAM.

YLC at BAM in February for the launch of Generation NYC and a preview of Teknopolis, with Deputy Mayor Richard Buery

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