All About Essentrics by Diane
August 31, 2018


Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to be back teaching in the studio again after such a long time. I recently completed my certification for teaching Essentrics® and am so excited about it and wanted to share the news with you and invite you to try out this unique class.

What is Essentrics and what does it do? What interests me about Essentrics is that it is a simple idea of combining stretching, tightening and relaxing that is both highly effective and immediately experienced.

One can usually feel the shoulder opening or a leg lengthening in the first class, but by the 4th or 5th class, you begin to see changes in the body shape. My legs have gotten leaner and stronger, my arms are less flabby and my shoulder and spine have greater flexibility. I have more energy, and as I am no youngster this is all good news!

We see how lifting weights builds pumped-up bodies - inflated pecs, bulging arm muscles. Yet the reality is, that the more pumped up and muscular the body is, the tighter and less flexible the muscles are. Thus, concentric muscular training actually lessens the body's ability to reach and stretch and reduces one's range of motion. When muscles are lengthened and strengthened simultaneously - essentric training - the result is a slimmer more streamlined body that has greater flexibility and a wider more flexible movement range.

The class meets on Fridays at 9:00 am at Dancewave. A great start to any day!

Much love,


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