Dance Webucation Series
A new web-based education series launching at the Kids Cafe Festival!

Dance Webucation Series launches TODAY!

Dancewave’s  Kids Cafe Festival is proud to introduce the “Dance Webucation Series,” a Web-based dance education salon facilitated by high school students from across the country! 

How does it work?

High School Dancers Submit Questions: High school students curious about pursuing dance in college are invited to submit questions to Dancewave through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Youtube, Vimeo or any other digital media platform. Post to our Facebook wall, Tweet at us, or send us your video from youtube!

Professionals Answer Them: Dancers, choreographers, entertainers, educators and celebrities will address each question, giving students the opportunity to learn and engage with individuals who studied dance in college and have since pursued successful careers in professional dance. 

Questions should be submitted to Dancewave by Friday, February 10th.  Answers will be projected throughout the day as the Kids Café Festival unfolds on March 3rd and 4th, 2012 and released on our website the following week!

Email it:
Twitter: @dancewave
Hashtag it: #webucation

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