Autumn Oftedal

Barre Vida

Autumn Oftedal is from Yakima, WA and graduated cum laude with her BFA in Dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. She is trained in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap, as well as creative movement and choreography. Graduating with several chronic injuries, Autumn turned to yoga and fitness to help heal her body after moving to NYC. Finding more mindful ways to work and move, and always being one to want to share her knowledge, she began teaching fitness classes as well as dance. Autumn is currently teaching ballet, beginning tap, general fitness, and Barre Vida.

As a strong believer in movement being a part of everyday life, Autumn looks to inspire a joy of movement within her clients & students. She believes there is nothing more important than getting moving, whether it is to fuel a serious passion or just for fun after a day of work or study. Autumn’s main goal and challenge is to inspire people to desire an active lifestyle.