Grady Sullivan

Hip Hop

Grady Sullivan’s passion for dance was discovered in breakdancing at the age of 14. Without any classes available where he lived in Barrington, Illinois, he taught himself how to breakdance and joined the gymnastics team at Barrington High School. After moving to Hawai`i at 16 years old, he took his first dance class and was eventually introduced to choreographic hip-hop dance, jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, tap and ballroom. He easily developed a deeper love for dance, and has been performing and instructing breakdancing, contemporary, hip-hop, popping, and house dance throughout Hawai`i over the past 10 years. Grady has entered several breakdancing and all-styles competitions throughout the islands and overseas, with multiple 1st place wins in events, battles and tournaments including Skillz Talk (Oahu), Ride The Breaks (Big Island), Uptown Getdown (Maui), and more. Grady has also performed in multiple circus events throughout the islands, including a private event with Cirque du Soleil.