Office Assistant

Janelle is a native Brooklynite (born and raised with a sprinkle of Queens). Janelle started dancing at 3 years old, in Queens NY. She met Diane Jacobowitz as a junior at Benjamin N Cardozo High School, Diane was there to recruit high school dancers for a free high school workshop she was teaching at Long Island University. Janelle jumped at this opportunity and found not only a place to expand her dance knowledge but the University that she would attend, receiving a partial scholarship.

Graduating from LIU Brooklyn in 2001, she continued to teach and dance with dance companies and well-known artists like Clare Byrne and Duane Cyrus.

Since having her own little dancer, Janelle has obtained her MSEd in Special Education from Brooklyn University, teaching in a DOE middle school in Brooklyn. Because of her love of dance she continues to work at Dancewave’s office ensuring all adult dancers are checked and prepared for class.