Jeso O’Neill is the Chief Marketing Officer of Vanderbilt Financial Group, an investment firm disrupting traditional finance by focusing on socially and environmentally responsible, ethical, and impactful investments. She leads the strategy and execution of all marketing and communications initiatives, working closely with the executive team to bring vision to reality. Utilizing her artistic production background, she also collaborates with Chairman & Founder Steve Distante on his foray into documentary filmmaking through Vanderbilt’s subsidiary production company, ImpactU.Film. Their latest film, “Igniting Impact”, features the stories of eight entrepreneurs using their businesses to solve some of the world’s greatest environmental and social issues. As producer of the film and subsequent roadshow, “Igniting Impact” has been shown globally in venues ranging from arts cinemas, film festivals, the United Nations, conferences, higher educational programs, and many more.

Previous to joining Vanderbilt, Jeso acquired over a decade of experience working in marketing and communications for NYC’s arts and culture sector before radically transitioning her life into a career focused on sustainable business. Jeso draws from her background in experimental and avant-garde performance to influence her unique creative focus and collaborative approach to marketing, communications and experiential event management. Jeso received her Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Baruch College in Manhattan with a concentration in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.