LaWanda Hopkins

Zumba Funk Fusion

LaWanda is a graduate of University at Buffalo Dance and Theatre program and a Rochester native. Her most memorable shows were an off Broadway production of “The Long Christmas Dinner” directed by Dan Wackerman, National Theatre Festival in Minsk, National Dance Festival in Puerto Rico, Immersive Theatre production “Andromeda” and off Broadway production of “Eve” both directed by Kate Mueth, “Fame” the Musical with ArtPark Theatre. She has danced with various artists such as, Ashle Dawson “Global Citizen” production, Jessica Sutta (Pussycat Dolls) World Premiere Song “Show Me” live production, and “Super Mario Odyssey” Industrial with Jordan Fisher, Choreographed by Derek Mitchell. To all the dreamers, there is no dream or goal that can’t be reached, so don’t stop believing no matter where your from keep pushing yourself toward greatness!