Dancewave's Scholarship Initiatives provide financial assistance to students and their families who are committed to improving their lives through dance. The Scholarship Intiatives strive to promote diversity and equity in the arts, as well as foster the next generation of talented young artists.


Partial tuition scholarships are available for the Summer 2018 Camps & Intensives for students ages 7-20 years. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and need. All auditions are modern dance. If an audition is no longer available for your age group, please contact

Audition Schedule for Summer 2018

Age Group Audition Type Day Time Fee  
12-15 years Intensive/Scholarship Wednesday, May 23 4:00-5:00pm Free RSVP
16-20 years Intensive/Scholarship Wednesday, May 23** 5:15-6:30pm Free RSVP
16-20 years Intensive/Scholarship Friday, June 15 4:30-6:00pm $10 RSVP
16-20 years Intensive/Scholarship Friday, August 10 4:30-6:00pm $10 RSVP

Location: All audition classes are held at Dancewave, 45 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217
**Wednesday, May 23, 5:15-6:30pm audition held at Gallim Dance, 520 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238


Dancewave’s Ambassador Scholarship Award (DASA) awards 100% annual tuition to outstanding students participating in Dancewave's educational programs. This prestigious Award Program is designed to provide dedicated students with educational and leadership development opportunities at Dancewave, providing transferable skills that support the development of mature and responsible young adults.

Dancewave students are nominated for the DASA Program in the spring of each year by Dancewave's educational programs faculty. Nominees and their parents/guardians are interviewed by Dancewave's Executive Artistic Director and Director of Education. Awards are announced in June.

Dancewave Scholarships supported in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and private donors. For more information about becoming a Dancewave Donor, please visit Support Dancewave or email