Scholarship Initiatives

Dancewave Scholarship Initiatives

Dancewave strives to promote diversity and equity in the arts and foster the education of the next generation of young artist citizens. School at Dancewave scholarships provide financial assistance to students and their families who are committed to the study of dance and are awarded for semester-based classes, Youth Company Program, and Summer Dance programs.

There are three scholarship application opportunities throughout the year: Fall Classes or Company Classes (Aug-Sept.), Spring Classes (Dec-Jan), and Summer Classes (April-June). All students ages 7-18 are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded on a need basis.

Scholarship applications are currently open for Summer 2020: Students ages 4-18 are invited to apply by July 2nd.

Summer Scholarship Applications

Application Process for New Students
Complete the online application
○ Email when the online application is complete and indicate the program your child is interested in. Dancewave staff will set up an observation class for the applying student to detemine placement and interest level.
○ Submit a copy of your latest tax return to the Dancewave office.

Application Process for Returning Students
○ Re-submit online application annually.
○ Re-submit your latest tax return annually.
○ Email or call the Dancewave office with the requested programs for the coming term.