Youth Leadership Council

Join us for YLC’s End-of-Year Celebration!
Sunday, May 5th | 5:00–6:00pm

We will gather to share and celebrate Dancewave’s Youth Leadership Council’s social action projects. Light refreshments will be provided!

Dancewave’s YLC has been integral to keeping social justice at the forefront of Dancewave’s impact. Through an examination of youth-led historical movements, current events and media influence Dancewave holds space for youth to dialog, connect and support each other as ambassadors of change and forward thinking.

  • “On May 5th we will be sharing a Zine that addresses the involvement of anxiety in dancers’ lives and what the outside community can do to help them with this important issue” 
  • “We are working to have our schools provide students with a class on mental health in advisory. We made a survey to collect info on our peers and plan to show our work with a demonstration”
  • “We surveyed students and dancers about gender equality in their lives and made a presentation and video that compiles all of the responses” 
  • “Our project is about race. We will make a video discussing different race topics. The video will be educational, fun and interesting!”

Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a year-long program in which students develop their own individual and unique voices as they cultivate project management and leadership skills. Young people ages 11-18 years old work together to turn a passion for dance into community activism and change by creating their own activities and events to engage peers and their community.

Dancewave’s YLC Member Benefits

○ Personal and Professional Skill Development – Develop project management and leadership skills by producing your own projects and events at Dancewave.
○ Develop Your Individual Voice – Express your unique voice and have positive impact on the Dancewave community.
○ College and Career Readiness – The skills developed through the YLC will be great to include on your college and future career applications. You’ll also have chance to talk to an arts professional mentor for advice and guidance.
○ Join a Network of City-wide Youth Leaders – Get the chance to share your experience with other Youth Leaders in NYC and around the world.
○ Receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Mayor – Receive recognition from the NYC Mayor as a valued YLC member.