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Dancewave's signature residency program provides high-quality, customized dance experiences for Schools, Community Centers, Organizations, Corporations, and Companies.

Benefits of a Dancewave Residency

Wide-reaching. Dancewave serves youth, seniors and intergenerational groups
Adaptable. Programs accommodate in-school and after-school scheduling
Customizable. Residencies are designed to meet the unique needs of the group
High Quality. Dancewave's Teaching Artists are trained in restorative practices & social emotional learning
Effective. Residencies utilize best practices from NYC Blueprint for Teaching & Learning, National Core Arts Standards and the Dancewave Culture Model
Fun. Programs provide in-school and community performance opportunities
Vetted. Dancewave is a registered DOE vendor

Photo from a school residency

Photo from a school residency

Create your own unique Curriculum

Meet with our Residency Coordinator to create a program tailored to your specific needs. Decide between synchronous or asynchronous sessions and choose between our wide variety of curriculum branches.





Create a safe and brave space for youth to confront bias and racism while engaging in antiracist advocacy. This program integrates a discussion and movement-based framework rooted in Social Emotional Learning practices including dance disciplines such as African Diasporic Forms, Vernacular Jazz, American Social Dances, Hip Hop, and dance TikTok trends.

Race and Dance Residency

Students will develop a deeper understanding of identity politics, art as a tool for activism, and how to effectively organize within a community while cultivating project management and leadership skills.

Dancewave’s Youth Leadership Workshop holds space for youth to dialog, connect, and support each other as they learn about social justice, community organizing, and advocacy. Students learn about their relationship to larger systems and how to work together to build power and enact change!

Explore themes related to self-identity, social justice, and making meaning through movement. The program integrates art, movement, skill-building, mental health, and restorative practices for youth to develop their own unique voices through an embodied experience.

Students are given the tools to generate their own choreography, while building skills in critical movement analysis and dance artistry. Throughout the workshop dancers will explore current events and share reflections on our world today through movement. 


Our Youth Community Company Program provides dancers with holistic training, unparalleled mentorship and exciting performance opportunities. Dancers will take weekly dance technique classes to bolster their skill and artistry with renowned choreographers, and will create a new dance piece, which will be performed at a school culminating performance. Students will also be invited to perform their piece alongside Dancewave’s Company program students at either our Winter or Spring Celebration.

 This program prioritizes Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), leadership development, and community building with hands-on mentoring and endless opportunities for growth. 

Through this program we hope to eliminate some of the barriers to dance training that students experience including transportation costs, location challenges, intimidation of participating in a studio environment, and tuition costs. 

Create & move. Learn about dance's cultural and historic significance through the variety of styles we offer prioritizing Non-Western Canon Dance forms!

Styles Offered

West African ○ East African ○ African Diasporic Dances: Afro-fusion, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Beats ○ Dancehall ○ Afro-Haitian ○ Soca ○ Latin Dance styles: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata ○ Flamenco ○ Bollywood ○ Arab Dance forms ○ Chinese Dance ○ Ballet ○ Modern ○ Creative Movement ○ Jazz ○ Musical Theatre ○ Tap ○ Hip Hop ○ Pilates ○ Essentrics ○ Yoga ○ and Zumba!

“We see our participating students making impressive strides, not only in dance literacy and technique, but also in self-initiative and self-confidence, successful collaboration with peers, and development of leadership skills.” - Librarian/School Liaison, IS 75

Dance lessons built to supplement and support classroom teaching standard in a variety of subjects. Customized lesson plans focused on standards of SEL, STEAM, and Social Studies for any age group!

An example of curriculum opportunities for every age

Interdisciplinary Residency


"[Our residency] was a wonderful moment of intergenerational support and fun and laughter... It really brought us together as a community because we were learning together." - Eva Freeman, PS 705 PTA Co-President

Staying physically, mentally and emotionally active are the key components of supporting overall health, well-being, and quality of life as we age. Dancewave’s movement and dance classes are built to improve motor skills, balance, and range of motion. They are a fun way to develop self-efficacy, strength, and confidence while also preventing injury and burnout. 

Residency at Standish Village Senior CenterImage courtesy of Standish Village Senior Center

To set up a meeting, click the button below. A member of our team will follow up to discuss residency details.



Past residencies include: Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary ○ AHRC ○ Benjamin Banneker Academy ○ Brooklyn Prospect Charter School ○ Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School ○ Christopher Blenman Senior Center ○ IS 75/PS 36 ○ IS 145 ○ Jill Chaifetz Transfer High School ○ Leaders High School ○ Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School ○ Midwood Neighborhood Senior Center ○ MS 61 ○ MS 447 ○ MS/PS 194 ○ Norma Adams Clemons Academy ○ Park Slope Center for Successful Aging ○ Professional Performing Arts School ○ PS 6 ○ PS 16 ○ PS 38 ○ PS 40 ○ PS 77 ○ PS 106 ○ PS 108 ○ PS 131 ○ PS 133 ○ PS 152K ○ PS 169 ○ PS 172 ○ PS 190 ○ PS 209 ○ PS 217 ○ PS 236 ○ PS 280Q ○ PS 311 ○ PS 315 ○ PS 375M ○ PS 705 ○ Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts ○ Uncommon Schools ○ Urban Action Academy ○ Urban Assembly School of Law and Justice ○ The Washington Market School ○ and many more!