Since its inception, Dancewave has been diligent in its mission to create equitable access to quality dance education. We are committed to developing programs that honor the cultural and historical significance of dance forms and uplift participants through movement exploration, empathy, and self-expression.

Our programs encourage a diverse audience to better understand themselves and become more active members of their community. Additionally, we prioritize mentorship and artistic integrity across all programs by partnering with cutting-edge artists and providing comprehensive teacher training.


Dancewave provides access to supportive and empowering dance experiences that center social, emotional and cognitive development through movement. Developing programs to meet community needs, we use dance as a vehicle for transformation, expression, active citizenship and self reflection. Dancewave fosters a culture where dance is celebrated as a healing and inclusive art form.


Dancewave envisions a future where dance is available to all populations, especially those who have ever been denied access to dance education. Dancewave acts as a resource and community hub for artists, educators and young visionaries, extending opportunities for our audience to participate in advocacy efforts and social change movements.

Core Values

      • Dance is a human right, available to all without exceptions
      • Inclusive and supportive environments are essential for learning, growth and transformation
      • Institutional power must be used to counteract white supremacy and build new more equitable systems
      • Responding to evolving community and society needs is an organizational imperative
      • Through a evaluatory process Dancewave is committed to having our internal values match our external values

Statement on Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization

Dancewave acknowledges the historical inequities of our field and the responsibility of nonprofit arts organizations like ours to serve as catalysts for change. Over the past several years, we have engaged in racial equity processes; unpacking and addressing institutional and interpersonal connections with systems of oppression. We meet bi-weekly as a staff to strategize and implement change across all sectors of our organization, both internally and externally.   

Through dialog, transparency, research, and critical analysis, we strive to hold ourselves accountable to our staff, community members, and stakeholders. We recognize our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as an evolving process and openly engage in this work with the aim of embodying the deep systemic change we want to see reflected in our world at large.

We believe that liberatory, empowering education is a key component to building a more just society, and as such prioritize community building, restorative practices, cultural responsiveness and trauma-informed teaching across our programming. 

To learn more, you can visit the following pages: Youth Leadership Council, The Company Program, Race & Dance curriculum and Arts Educator Training