igniting a passion within educators - arts educator trainingARTS EDUCATOR TRAINING

Dancewave’s Arts Educator training combines over 25 years of teaching experience with field research from hundreds of dance residencies throughout New York City. We strive to ignite a passion within educators to make real social change through an education model that emphasizes experiential learning and community engagement.



Dancewave has always promoted a culture model that strives to subvert the oppressive systems ingrained throughout the dance community. Inspired to share our educational philosophies, we created our educator trainings to invest in and nurture relationships with our Teaching Artists, so that  we can shift the dance ecosystem to one that prioritizes mental, physical and emotional wellbeing for all

Our training is applicable to recent graduates, educators, professionals and organizers seeking innovative techniques to cultivate a deeper connection with their audience.


custom arts educator training

Customizable Arts Educator Trainings

We offer customizable trainings where we work with your organization to offer resources and tools for building a more socially engaged classroom. Grounded in proven effective practices, we will share frameworks for developing inclusive, responsive, and developmentally appropriate curriculum and classroom practices.

Trainings inspire teaching artists to actively uphold anti-oppressive and culturally responsive standards in teaching. They also provide a space where educators can share about embodied learning, the arts, and student-centered approaches to community building in the classroom.

  • Creating "active citizenship” in the classroom
  • Curriculum development to explore identity
  • Engaging empathy through dance
  • Mental health strategies for teaching artists and students (Strategies for Liberatory Teaching) 
  • Social Emotional Learning  
  • Restorative Practices 
  • Cultural responsivity
  • Inclusion and accessibility 

  • Ground teaching practices in inclusivity, anti-racism, cultural-sensitivity, accessibility, wellness, and developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Infuse lesson plans with inquiry, exploration and creativity
  • Support student centered learning and empowerment