Modern Ages 11-13 ○ DCIII Choreographer

Phoebe Ballard is a Brooklyn-based movement artist hustling between different writing, administration, dance-making and teaching engagements throughout NYC and NJ. She is a teaching artist at Dancewave and a guest teaching artist in public schools throughout NYC and NJ- creating, experimenting, and (always) cracking silly jokes to bring each class together. Her choreographic work has been presented at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, WAXWorks at Triskelion Arts,

Liberty Hall Dance Festival, Dancewave Café, Austin Dance Festival, and as part of Current: Take 3. Her writing has been published in Contact Quarterly and the popular blog, “Life as a Modern Dancer,” as well as on her own novice blog, ‘Sidewalk Chalk and Other Things’. Phoebe graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018 with an inspiringly unique cohort, a strong belief in the power of movement, and her BFA in dance. Most recently, Phoebe produced and choreographed her own outdoor show, “Let’s Dance (whatever it takes!),” as an homage to the dances that never had a chance to live in the wake of COVID-19 and as a celebration of the dedication and talent of her high school students. She drinks upwards of three cups of coffee a day and spends way too much time on her phone. Above all, she is deeply inspired and affected by the joy and gusto of the students she has had the privilege of teaching. She is always looking forward to more (and more, and more!).

Learn more about Phoebe’s work on her website: