Commitment to Social Justice

Dancewave stands in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Color and all of our students, teachers and artists of color as we face this horrific moment in our history. We hear and feel the pain, anger and fear that has emerged in reaction to the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many more ruthless and unnecessary deaths due to police brutality. 

As an organization serving an incredibly diverse population throughout New York City, we stand as allies to black and brown communities who have been harmed by institutional racism and violence.

Our next step is to engage with the young people in our organization and give them the space to share their thoughts and emotions, and equally support their voices in advocating for change. We recognize the immediate importance to activate more fiercely against hate. 

We hope that our actions and mission will continue to encourage open dialogue and reflect our commitment to dismantling racism, the most basic and important responsibility of our time.

Measures Dancewave is taking to forward equity and advocacy goals:

  • 2 year-long RaceForward program addressing institutional racism in the Arts sector
  • Bi-weekly staff meetings focused on equity actions
  • Implementing new Equity, Advocacy & Wellness ReGroup curriculum for Company members ages 13+
  • Offering new Race & Dance Curriculum packages for NYC public schools, community centers and companies. The pilot program of Race & Dance is being offered for free to select schools this year, thanks to a grant from the Laureus “Sport for Good” Foundation
  • Monthly meetings with our Youth Leadership Council focused on racial equity
  • Applying a racial equity lens to our programs, including our August Educator Workshop
  • Re-launched our Adult Classes program with a sliding scale pricing system, and a rotating monthly class schedule to offer teaching opportunities to more artists
  • Dancewave staff upholds a commitment to the following:

  • To create an inclusive environment for all ages, abilities, sexual orientations, racial and socio-economic backgrounds
  • To support our peers and partner organizations, lifting up voices of people doing the work that we believe in
  • To treat our community members, students, teaching artists, and stakeholders with respect through our interpersonal interactions, communications and promotions
  • To hold space for questions and new participants to feel comfortable in our classes and programs
  • To use our institutional power to take action in support of the Black Lives Matter movement
  • To continue to be self-reflective of how our organization exists within a white supremacy culture
  • To adapt to community and society needs and creating programs that reflect what is in demand
  • To foster a culture where feedback is encouraged so decisions made include a variety of voices