Community & Public School Residencies

Dancewave’s signature arts education program provides high-quality dance programs to NYC schools, community centers and senior centers.  Dancewave meet your students’ needs through fully customizable programs, from one-day workshops or master classes to semester- and year-long residencies.

    HIP HOP AS AN ACT OF RESISTENCE – FREE Program for Bronx-based youth
    Dancewave in partnership with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office presents a FREE Hip Hop Dance Class series to 3rd-8th graders in the Bronx called Saturday Night Lights. Any student, parent, teacher, coordinator or community leader is welcome to apply for this free afterschool program, which takes place Thursdays from 4:00-5:00pm EDT all throughout the school year.

Benefits of Bringing Dancewave to Your School or Community Center

○ Programming for youth, seniors and intergenerational groups
○ Adaptable to in-school and after-school scheduling
○ Physical, social and cognitive activities customized for students
○ Teaching artists trained in restorative practices & social emotional learning
○ Best practices from NYC Blueprint for Teaching & Learning, National Core Arts Standards and the Dancewave Culture Model
○ In-school and community performance opportunities
○ Registered DOE vendor

Dance Styles Offered: ○ Afro-Cuban ○ Afro-Haitian ○ Bachata ○ Ballet ○ Bollywood ○ Capoeira ○ Chinese Dance ○ Creative Movement ○ Flamenco ○ Hip Hop ○ Jazz ○ Merengue ○ Modern ○ Musical Theater ○ Salsa ○ West African ○ Zumba ○ and more


Dancewave offers a variety of different virtual learning models: Asynchronous Learning(pre-recorded classes offered through Vimeo), Virtual Class Packages, and an innovative new Race & Dance Curriculum. Our virtual learning programs can be adapted to fit your lesson plans, schedule needs, preferred dance style and learning standards, and connect your students with our vibrant teaching artists!


  • Scaffolded video installments (up to 20 minutes of material per session), offered through a Vimeo On Demand page
  • Flexible to support your lesson planning – play the video lessons when it’s convenient for you
  • Variety and versatility of dance disciplines and interdisciplinary applications to STEAM and Social Studies learning standards
  • Works well with hybrid Virtual/In-person learning
  • Meets accessibility standards
  • Promotes health and wellness best practices

  • Ideal for corporations, residential communities, organizations, public schools and community centers
  • Compatible with SEL and NYC Learning standards
  • Cultivates a community experience and “centering” process for students and teachers
  • Movement prepares students for learning
  • Breaks up a long day of sitting at the computer
  • Adds cultural awareness through a variety of global dance styles
  • Promotes wellness and restorative practices
  • Streamlined access to Zoom

  • Applicable for public schools, community centers, corporations, and organizations who want to collectively process racial bias through movement
  • Racial awareness topics introduced through social dance forms from African Diaspora, Jazz and Hip Hop, to Tik Tok dance new trends
  • Discussion-based curriculum
  • Applies racial equity lens to SEL and NYC learning standards
  • Each session includes a dance class, historical context, learning techniques, choreography/composition modules, cultural celebration and literacy
  • Available in several different packages to fit your schedule: 1-day workshops, 5-week, 8-week, 16-week sessions
  • Dance Makes Waves in NYC: Take a Tour of our World-Class Residencies

    Dancewave School & Community Programs team hosted a virtual tour of our impactful work in dance education across NYC’s five boroughs. This year, we partnered with 40 New York City public schools and senior centers to support 6,000 students this year alone. Click below to watch our behind-the-scenes videos, research data and special guest appearances and join our effort to sustain life-enhancing dance programs despite COVID-19-related budget cuts!

    #dancemakeswaves #artsareessential #artistsarenecessaryworkers

    “We see our participating students making impressive strides, not only in dance literacy and technique, but also in self-initiative and self-confidence, successful collaboration with peers, and development of leadership skills.” – Librarian/School Liaison, IS 75

    “[Our residency] was a wonderful moment of intergenerational support and fun and laughter… It really brought us together as a community because we were learning together.” – Eva Freeman, PS 705 PTA Co-President

    Dancewave Asynchronous Learning Reel FY20

    Dancewave School & Community Programs Residencies Reel FY20

    Past residencies include: Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary ○ AHRC ○ Benjamin Banneker Academy ○ Brooklyn Prospect Charter School ○ Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School ○ Christopher Blenman Senior Center ○ IS 75/PS 36 ○ IS 145 ○ Jill Chaifetz Transfer High School ○ Leaders High School ○ Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School ○ Midwood Neighborhood Senior Center ○ MS 61 ○ MS 447 ○ MS/PS 194 ○ Norma Adams Clemons Academy ○ Park Slope Center for Successful Aging ○ Professional Performing Arts School ○ PS 6 ○ PS 16 ○ PS 38 ○ PS 40 ○ PS 77 ○ PS 106 ○ PS 108 ○ PS 131 ○ PS 133 ○ PS 152K ○ PS 169 ○ PS 172 ○ PS 190 ○ PS 209 ○ PS 217 ○ PS 236 ○ PS 280Q ○ PS 311 ○ PS 315 ○ PS 375M ○ PS 705 ○ Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts ○ Uncommon Schools ○ Urban Action Academy ○ Urban Assembly School of Law and Justice ○ The Washington Market School ○ and many more!


    Photo by Kathryn Butler