Phoebe Ballard

Phoebe B

Phoebe Ballard (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based mover, teacher, writer and administrator hustling between different artistic engagements in both NYC and NJ. Her making and teaching practice is grounded in improvisation and community building – it is deeply influenced by incredible teachers, mentors, and friends (Kendra Portier, Leah Wilks, Mauriah Kraker, Kaitlin Fox, to name a few). At the center of her practice is a deep-seated desire to be together, to make things messy, to not take ourselves too seriously. Phoebe is lucky to call Dancewave in Gowanus, Brooklyn ‘home’ – managing the Youth Company Program and helping guide young artists in their journey with movement, daring them to become the boldest versions of themselves. These creative and generous young artists are her greatest influence. Phoebe graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018 with an inspiringly unique cohort, a strong belief in the power of movement, and her BFA in dance.

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